The Carmichael Improvement District strongly encourages every owner and business to compete the Notice of Agency authorization so as to maximize the effectiveness of our security services across the district. 

"Crimes in progress should always be reported to law enforcement, but Sacramento Protective Services encourages businesses to call upon our team for any other concerns of a security or safety nature. Sacramento Protective Services should also be contacted for criminal matters, but only after law enforcement notifications have been made. Our 24-hour Dispatch Center can be reached at 916-931-0911, ext. 1. When calling, be prepared to tell the Dispatcher that:

Property Upkeep & enforcement policy 

The CID Board of Directors adopted a POLICY for Property Upkeep & Enforcement throughout the District on 12/15/2022.  This policy assists the mission of promoting and maintaining the high quality service in safety & security and cleanliness-which supports the economic impact of the CID business community.   LINK TO POLICY (CLICK HERE)

Security and safety services in the Carmichael Improvement District are contracted with Sacramento Protective Services, as of January 1, 2022. For your benefit, Sacramento Protective Services is contracted by the Carmichael Improvement District to provide safety and security services for commercial properties. Because the contract is with the Carmichael Improvement District, all property and business owners and tenants need to sign an individual permission statement, a Notice of Agency, allowing Sacramento Protective Services' officers to come into your business or onto your property to provide security. This is in accordance with state law and county ordinances. When you sign a Notice of Agency, Sacramento Protective Services will:

NOTE:  Without a Notice of Agency on file, the district and its contractor may not be able to provide

its most effective safety and security services as discussed here.  If in doubt, check with us today.

CID Security/Maintenance Reports 2023

Operating subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act and the California Public Records Act, meetings are open to the public with agendas, materials, and minutes to be found on this page.  Material for current and prior security reports are linked to the dates below:




Monthly Security Analytics

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