Area PBIDs

Property and Business Improvement Districts (PBID) are a tried and true vehicle used by many in our region to order a community and increase the commercial activity and vitality in defined business areas. Visit the web sites below and catch the enthusiasm and explore the welcomed benefits that our neighbors have found while doing business and living within and around a Property and Business Improvement District.

Comstock's Magazine prepared an excellent series of profiles and testimonials on a number of our region's Improvement Districts. A set of stories worth a study are offered here:

Zone Improvement. What PBID's can do, and are doing for your neighborhood. (4/16/15)

Uplifting Downtown. Property and Business Improvement Districts revitalize urban centers (9/30/10)

A Fresh Approach to Florin Road (2/23/15)

Full Steam Ahead - Fulton Avenue (9/30/2010)

Florin's Rebirth (9/30/2010)