Dining in the District

This is a complete list of restaurants and food choices within our district -- as well as neighboring Carmichael restaurants, that have been confirmed as open and operational. We've also included information on whether they provide outdoor dining, takeout, delivery, patio seating, or a drive thru.

With the ever-changing guidelines and changes to businesses’ hours, we have included their contact info to get their current days and hours of operation, as well as their current dining options. All of these restaurants, eateries, and food choices have amazing dishes and are a great choice when deciding on where to eat! Some restaurants are listed under multiple categories, so be sure to check out their menus.

Currently Sacramento County is in the Red Tier, which means indoor dining is allowed at 25% capacity. We have not updated our list yet with more information as we wait until restaurants acclimate to the new guidelines. Please call or reach out to each place individually to learn more about their current allowances and hours.

Farmer’s Market/ Local Events

Carmichael Park Farmer’s Market5750 Grant Avenue (Carmichael Park)Sundays 8am-2pm
Carmichael Food Truck Events: Dinner to Go5750 Grant Avenue (Carmichael Park)First Thursdays monthly 4-7pm


Adalberto's Mexican Food Restaurant7400 Fair Oaks Boulevard(916) 483-6301drive thru/ to go
California Burrito7429 Fair Oaks Boulevard(916) 515-9164drive thru
Cantina Azteca6400 Fair Oaks Boulevard916-993-8411Outside Dining, To-gowww.reyaztecabreakfast.com
El Chacuaco Tacos y Burritos 7739 Fair Oaks Boulevard(916) 385-7756Food Truck Patio Seating, to-gohttps://www.yelp.com/biz/el-chacuaco-carmichael
El Papagayo Restaurant5804 Marconi Ave(916) 487-7742Outdoor Dining, to-gohttps://www.yelp.com/biz/el-papagayo-carmichael
Jimboy’s Tacos 7401 Fair Oaks Blvd916-489-6626drive thru, to-gowww.jimboystacos.com
Mesa Mercado6241 Fair Oaks Boulevard (inside the Milagro Centre)916-283-4081Outdoor Dining, to-gowww.mesamercado.com
Rey Azteca Restaurant and Bar6140 Fair Oaks Boulevard9164814995outside dining, to-gowww.reyaztecarestaurantbar.com
Taco Bell4041 Manzanita Ave(916) 481- 3370drive thrutacobell.com

Pizza and Italian Cuisine

Dominos6306 Fair Oaks Blvd916-489-4800to-go, delivery www.pizza.dominos.com
Milano Gourmet Pizza and Kabab House7250 Fair Oaks Boulevard916-515-9510to-go
Mountain Mikes4141 Manzanita Ave916-488-7676to-go, deliverywww.mountainmikespizza.com
Papa Murphy’s6740 Fair Oaks Boulevard916-488-7272to-gowww.locations.papamurphys.com
Roma’s Pizza and Pasta6530 Fair Oaks Boulevard916-488-9800to-go, deliverywww.romaspizzacarmichael.com
Round Table Pizza4005 Manzanita Ave916-485-4209to-go, deliverywww.roundtablepizza.com
Serritella’s6241 Fair Oaks Boulevard (inside Milagro Centre)916-482-5483outside dining, to-gohttps://www.facebook.com/Serritellas916/
Strings Italian Cafe4104 Manzanita Ave916-348-1925to-gohttps://www.stringsitaliancafecarmichael.com
What a Pizza7630 Fair Oaks Blvd916-944-1234to-gowww.carmichaelwhatapizza.com

Asian Cuisine and Sushi

Blue Sky Chinese Restaurant7323 Fair oaks Boulevard916-485-5311to-go
blueskymenu.com New Rice Bowl & Boba Tea Express7416 Fair Oaks Blvd916-973-1288takeouthttps://www.newricebowlcarmichael.com
Oh Bento6745 Fair Oaks Blvd916-514-1146to-go, deliverywww.ohbentorestaurant.com
Pho A & J4005 Manzanita Ave916-489-8817to-go, deliverywww.orienttogo.com
Pho House6436 Fair Oaks Blvd916-993-9986takeoutwww.phohousecali.com
Shogun Sushi7330 Fair Oaks Boulevard916-483-1224to-gohttps://www.yelp.com/biz/shogun-sushi-carmichael-4
Taiko Sushi Carmichael6241 Fair Oaks Boulevard916-333-5287Outdoor Dining, takeout, patio seatingwww.taikosushi.com
TM Noodle4110 Manzanita Ave916-486-2579to-gowww.tmnoodlesac.com

Fish and Chips

Oh Bento6745 Fair Oaks Blvd916-514-1146to-go, deliverywww.ohbentorestaurant.com
Tugboat Fish & Chips7601 Fair Oaks Blvd916-944-4911takeout, outdoor dininghttps://www.yelp.com/biz/tugboat-fish-and-chips-carmichael


D Millers Famous BBQ7305 Fair Oaks Blvd916-974-1881to-go, patio seatinghttps://www.yelp.com/biz/d-millers-famous-bbq-carmichael-2
River City Brewing6241 Fair Oaks Blvd916-550-5093outdoor dining, to-gowww.rivercitybrewing.net

Coffee, Sweets, and Small Bites

Baskin-Robins4005 Manzanita Ave916-481-2379to-gowww.baskinrobbins.com
Cafe Madre6241 Fair Oaks Blvd (inside Milagro Centre)916-905-7904to-go, patio seatinghttps://milagrocentre.com/cafe-madre/
Cake Castle Bakery7630 Fair Oaks Blvd916-944-5055special occasion cakeswww.cakecastlebakery.com
Fast Cat Coffee7901 Fair Oaks Blvd916-999-0323to-go, outdoor dining, patio seatingwww.fastcatcoffee.com
GB Gelato6241 Fair Oaks Blvd (inside Milagro Centre)to-go, patio seatinghttps://milagrocentre.com/gb-gelato/
Jamba Juice7423 Fair Oaks Blvd916-217-3336to-golocations.jambajuice.com
Khorasan Kabob and Gyro4141 Manzanita Avetakeout916-900-4777
La Bou7250 Fair Oaks Blvd916-481-9948patio seating, to-golabou.com
Lido Cafe and Bakery7907 Fair Oaks Blvd916-944-8243to-go, outdoor diningwww.lidobarandgrill.com
Noah’s Bagels7423 Fair Oaks Blvd916-571-7612to-go, patio seatingnoahs.com
Starbucks6908 Fair Oaks Blvd916-485-6798to-go, drive thru, patio seatingstarbucks.com
Starbucks4005 Manzanita Ave 916-488-5932to-go, patio seatingstarbucks.com
TOGO’S Sandwiches4100 Manzanita Ave916-407-2025to-gowww.togos.com
Vampire Penguin- Shaved Ice, Ice Cream, and Coffee6428 Fair Oaks Blvd916-339-6397to-gowww.vampirepenguin.com
Volkswaffle 4140 Manzanita Ave916-213-6363to-gohttps://www.yelp.com/biz/volkswaffle-carmichael
Taste of Homemade Delicatessen6428 Fair Oaks Blvd916-487-1281to-gohttps://www.yelp.com/biz/taste-of-homemade-delicatessen-carmichael?osq=Restaurants

American Cuisine, Pub and Grill, Bars

Burgerim Gourmet Burgers7423 Fair Oaks Blvd916-333-2689to-gowww.burgerim.com
Lido Cafe and Bakery7907 Fair Oaks Blvd916-944-8243to-go, outdoor diningwww.lidobarandgrill.com
Palm Street Pub and Grill6416 Fair Oaks Blvd916-489-5484to-gohttps://www.yelp.com/biz/palm-street-pub-and-grill-carmichael
River City Brewing6241 Fair Oaks Blvd916-550-5093outdoor dining, to-gowww.rivercitybrewing.net
Serritella’s6241 Fair Oaks Boulevard (inside Milagro Centre)916-482-5483outside dining, to-go https://www.facebook.com/Serritellas916/
Stage 767600 Fair Oaks Blvd916-692-8810outdoor dining, patio seating, to-gowww.stage76.com
Yianni’s Bar and Grill6628 Fair Oaks Blvd916-482-0796to-go www.yiannisbarandgrill.com

Fast Food

Burger King7201 Fair Oaks Blvddrive thruburgerking.com
TOGO’S Sandwiches4100 Manzanita Ave916-407-2025to-gowww.togos.com
Wingstop7423 Fair Oaks Blvd916-339-6278takeoutwingstop.com
Subway4005 Manzanita Ave916-484-9200takeoutrestaurants.subway.com
Jack in the Box5845 Marconi Ave916-487-6876drive thrulocations.jackinthebox.com
Taco Bell4041 Manzanita Ave916-481-3370drive thrulocations.tacobell.com
Mcdonalds7329 Fair Oaks Blvddrive thrumcdonalds.com
Jimboys Tacos7401 Fair Oaks Blvd916-489-6226drive thrujimboystacos.com

THE FOLLOWING ARE OUTSIDE OUR DISTRICT ... but within Carmichael. We love our neighboring restaurants!

Bella Bru Cafe5038 Fair Oaks Blvd(916) 485-2883outdoor dining, patio seating, to-go, deliverybellabrucafe.com Clubhouse Bar and Grill5150 Fair Oaks Blvd916-979-1422to-gowww.sportsbarclubhouse.com
Dairy Heaven4545 Manzanita Ave916-717-3356drive-thru, to-go, patio seating
Dutch Bros4625 Manzanita Ave541-955-4700drive-thru, to-go
Elite Bakery Cafe5150 Fair Oaks Boulevard 916-515-9223to- gohttps://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Bakery/Elite-Bakery-Cafe-437626379972617/
El Palmar Mexican Restaurant2452 Mission Ave916-488-8320Outside Dining, Patio Seating, To-gowww.elpalmar.biz
Express Sushi and Teriyaki6047 Madison Ave916-344-5555to-go, patio seating
Family Donuts and Deli9045 Fair Oaks Blvd916-944-8131Patio seating, to-go
Firebird Russian Restaurant4715 Manzanita Ave916-485-7747to-gowww.firebrd.com
Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant6049 Madison Ave916-344-3177to-go, outdoor dining service, patio seatinghttps://carmichael.garciasmexicanrestaurantstogo.com/#/
Hungry Hollow4766 Manzanita Ave916-487-8167to-gowww.HungryHallowCafe.com
I love Pie4949 Marconi Ave916-969-7791to-gowww.ilovepiebakeshop.com
Li’s Mongolian BBQ4725 Manzanita Ave916-664-3920to-gohttps://www.yelp.com/biz/lis-mongolian-bbq-carmichael
Little Caesars5038 Marconi Ave916-514-1167to-go, deliverywww.littlecaesars.com
Little Caesars5930 Madison Ave916-332-7777to-go, Deliverywww.littlecaesars.com
Mark and Monica’s Family Pizza4751 Manzanita Ave916-487-1010to-gowww.markandmonicaspizza.com
Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich and Burger Shop5900 Fair Oaks Blvd916-483-1434to-go, patio seating, outdoor diningwww.mrpicklessandwichburger.com
Richard’s Donuts4703 Manzanita Ave916-972-8760to-gohttps://www.yelp.com/biz/richards-donuts-carmichael
Shige Sushi5938 Madison Ave916-331-7300to-gohttps://www.yelp.com/biz/shige-sushi-carmichael
Silver Sake4949 Marconi Ave916-473-6368to-gowww.silversakesushi.com
Skip’s Kitchen4717 El Camino Ave916-514-0830outdoor dining, patio seating, to-gowww.skipskitchen.com
Subway4005 Manzanita Ave4712 Manzanita Ave5150 Fair Oaks Blvd6426-2 Fair Oaks Blvdto-gowww.subway.com
The Original Hagen Orange Freeze2520 Walnut Aveto-gowww.hagensorangefreeze.com
Willie’s Burgers5050 Arden Way916-488-5050to-gowww.williesburgers.com