What Carmichael Property Owners are Saying

"The PBID is no longer just a plus to the community, it is becoming a necessity. As adjacent communities continue to improve through their respective PBID's, they find success and push the problems to those without the resources to solve issues such as; safety, cleanliness and property damage. Carmichael's time has come. I support the PBID." -- Ben Tiner - Multiple Property Owner

"I can think of no better way to augment the quality of life, the improvement of property values and the expansion of safety and security of our business district than by implementing a thoughtful and comprehensive improvement district. The days of relying on comprehensive local government to help the property owner are sadly in the past, and it is incumbent upon us all to leverage our unity to bring about a beautiful, happy place we all know Carmichael aspires to be. I wholeheartedly support this effort, and I encourage every property owner in the district to do the same for a better tomorrow." -- Bill Glasser - Building and Business Owner

"I believe that a healthy business community is the foundation for a prosperous future for any community. The Carmichael District will give us a voice for our future while providing effective means to address today's difficulties. I support the formation of this District." -- Edward R. Marszal - Office Property Owner

"My principals are 100% in on the idea of forming a PBID in Carmichael. We are all about creating the safe, welcoming shopping experience that our tenants demand. The Carmichael District will provide the tools for owners to create a desirable, inviting business area along Fair Oaks Boulevard which is a win for everyone." -- Brooks Erickson - Retail Center Manager

"There are more than a dozen PBIDs at work here in Sacramento County. I think this idea for Carmichael is the right solution at the right time. I am in favor and expect results that will better this community." -- Allan Davis - Retail Property Owner

"Carmichael is a great community and we believe that in joining together with other Carmichael Businesses and Property Owners in a PBID we can help contribute to Carmichael being an even better place for all of us to do business and live." -- Todd Andrews - Commercial Property Owner

"I have been a property owner active in Carmichael for years. Improvement districts work and the consistent renewals prove owners value the results of pooled resources and united efforts. We need this in Carmichael. Let's get this going." -- Gary Hursh - Building Owner

"Business is changing and in order for a business to survive, it must take action to not only think of its betterment, but also how it can support the betterment of the community it does business in. A PBID is a proven action that supports the betterment of both business and community. Supporting the Carmichael PBID is just a good business decision. Instead of trying to eliminate the same problems we are all dealing with alone, doing it together brings greater strength, efficiency, cost savings and real chance for success." -- Joseph Davis - Building and Business Owner

"We love the area. Each tenant in our retail investment property in Carmichael lives in Carmichael. We have other investment properties of various types in the greater Sacramento area, most of which operate within established PBIDs. We have observed their effectiveness and results first-hand. We know exactly why owners want The Carmichael District up and running. These districts work!" -- Joe and Jamie O'Neal - Retail Property Owners