Post date: May 25, 2019 1:20:40 AM

This week, the Board of Directors is happy to announce that Rachael Taylor has started her service to the District as Executive Director.  

Rachael is a native of Northern California and makes her home in the Midtown neighborhood of Sacramento.  Rachael's experience is unique in four specific areas, 1.) She previously served as Executive Director of a similar suburban district in Oklahoma City, OK; 2.) She worked as Project Manager for Civitas Advisors, a nationally recognized, locally based consultancy to improvement districts and municipalities; 3.) She is an officer on the Board of Directors of Sacramento Self-Help Housing, the organization best positioned to positively impact aspects of the housing crisis our region is experiencing; and 4.) she has worked previously in a branding/marketing agency and currently advises on social media and marketing concerns.  After a months-long effort of considering many expressions of interest, I think Director and property owner Todd Andrews expressed it best, "We picked the best person for us."  

As a whole, the Board is proud of her success and looks forward to further progress and growth specifically resulting from her contributions.  She is keeping office hours at Milagro Centre in space shared with the Carmichael Chamber of Commerce.  Stop by to say hello and get to know Rachael Taylor!  Let's get ready for what's next!