CID Guides

Notice of Agency - Sign and file with our security contractor to most efficiently use the security services we provide to you.

Homelessness in Carmichael - Measures toward effective attention.

Design out Crime.  Design in Value. - a quick overview of CPTED elements.

Who to Call and How.  Essential contacts to keep close at hand.

Business Walks- Assessing Community Business Health in Carmichael.  

Contacts / Directories

Sacramento County Sheriff North Division, Public Information Directory.

Sacramento 3-1-1 Connect: Central point of contact to call attention and activate County resources.

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED- Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design- Carmichael Improvement District 

CPTED - Crime Prevention through Environmental Design - Chandler Arizona Police

Your Guide to Creating a Safe Community - City of Fort Wayne.

Security Handbook - Oakland Police Department.

View more of the District's Resources on CPTED here.

Transient / Human Services

Carmichael HART (Homeless Assistance Resource Team)

Sacramento 2-1-1  a free confidential information and referral service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

People's Guide to Health, Welfare, and other Services - County of Sacramento.