District completes first year of Clean & Safe initiative.

Post date: Sep 27, 2018 10:34:35 PM

What a difference a year makes!  July 31st marked the completion of the Carmichael Improvement District's first full year of its signature "Clean & Safe" work plan.  For your benefit, we have engaged best-of-class service providers who are hard at work in our district each day.  This is a quick over view of accomplishment.

Daily patrol service is provided by trained officers from Paladin Private Security.  In the course of rendering over 4,300 hours of patrol service, some 5,725 incident records serve to memorialize their positive assistance which helped business present an inviting, care-free place for their customers.  As the officers have worked their beat in Carmichael, they have developed an understanding of the unique needs of our area.  Of the records, 2,598 were proactive officer-initiated service calls where situations were observed and professionally addressed by our officers on their own, thereby heading off the potential of greater difficulties later.  In specific response to owner needs, 2,667 calls were made because of calls to summon the assistance of our officers to your concerns.  In addition to working on these pressing needs, when the chance arose, officers stopped and introduced themselves and our District to business owners and their employees 413 times in the year.  The efforts of our security team helped to measurably keep order and all moving along smoothly in our community.  To evaluate and coordinate these efforts, your District leaders convened ten joint force meetings in Carmichael where uniformed officers with California Highway Patrol, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, and County Code Enforcement joined around the table with the Sacramento District Attorney's Community Prosecution Unit, a homeless outreach Navigator from Sacramento Steps Forward, and a representative from Carmichael HART--all working to share and coordinate resources toward solutions for Carmichael.

The second component of this program was a full year of cleaning and maintenance service provided by Hilary Gould and his business district maintenance team. Over these months, 2,006 buckets of litter were cleaned by hand while walking the streets of our service area, 413 bags of trash were removed from our area, 309 abandoned shopping carts were returned to merchants, 284 illegal signs were removed from our walks, 203 piles of refuse that was illegally dumped were hauled away, and 171 graffiti tags on property within our District were erased.  Various other issues were timely addressed that, together, made our community appear its very best.  What's more, we benefited from cohesive teamwork.  When situations were observed by the maintenance team while service was being rendered where others could help, they were quickly called to the attention of our leadership for prompt correction.  

All detail--large and small--over our first year add up to a large win for our business community and all who live, work and enjoy Carmichael.  The results are a clear demonstration of the power of unified and coordinated "eyes & ears" dedicated to our common benefit.  After all, our community finds the end result remarkable.  Words we hear most often heard include, "Amazing," Wow," and "Great." Appreciation goes out all around--to our ratepayers for resourcing our efforts and to the men and women who commit to "getting it done" each day.  Thank you!